Guidelines for an effective migration

Whether you are migrating from Site Studio to WebCenter Sites to reduce costs, improve efficiency or improve the customer experience, it pays to plan your migration with care. 


A smooth migration from Webcenter Content - Site Studio to WebCenter Sites allows you to quickly enjoy the powerful new functionality this platform offers. But an unplanned migration can easily result in slipped deadlines, reduced scope and, even, project failure.

This whitepaper provides essential guidelines for a migration that is both properly planned and effectively executed.

Inside we describe: 

  • The major benefits of migrating
  • The common Information Architecture, Integration and Architectural elements
  • Mapping of Sites Studio elements to their WebCenter Sites equivalents
  • An approach for the migration of these elements

Download your whitepaper now and enjoy a smooth migration to WebCenter Sites.

With the rapid evolution of today’s technology, it is important that you make the most of it in a short space of time. VASSIT’s proven migration expertise is focused around helping you reap the benefits of Sites while reducing cost and time to market.

Alejandro Cañadas Castro
Delivery Director, VASSIT